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speech language therapy, SLP therapy around the world



With more than 30 years experience of providing in-person therapy, and 6 years experience of online teletherapy my practice focuses on evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders, oral function including orofacial myofunction disorders (open mouth breathing, forward tongue movement "tongue thrust", feeding, chewing-swallowing, and sucking habits), fluency,  Exercise Induced Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement (EI-PVFM) and
Buteyko breath retraining


How do you know if your child needs Speech, Language, OMT or Buteyko therapy? 

  • Are you concerned that your child's speech and/or language development lags their peers?

  • Do they get frustrated trying to communicate with others?  Do others have trouble understanding them?

  • Has your pediatrician or dentist recommended seeing a speech/language pathologist?

  • Is your child

    • having difficulty with reading and literacy?

    • having difficulty with social communication?

    • struggling with processing language? Does it seem like he/she doesn't hear, yet hearing screenings are in the normal range?

    • a messy or picky eater? Are particular textures favored?

    • stuttering on sounds, syllables, phrases?

    • Does your child struggle with organizing his/her thoughts or is easily distracted?

  • Does your child 

    • push his/her tongue forward when talking or eating?

    • suck his/her thumb or fingers

    • have an open mouth resting position?

    • breathe through his/her mouth, snore or have sleep apnea or asthma

  • Does your child's voice sound raspy, nasal or breathy?

  • Has your child been diagnosed to be on the Autism spectrum and demonstrated difficulty with social communication?

If your child demonstrates any of these characteristics a diagnostic evaluation will determine if therapy is necessary.  If the answer is yes, a therapy plan will be designed to improve your child's communication skills.  Therapy may be delivered in person or via teletherapy depending on your location and desires.



How do you know if you need Speech or Language therapy?

  • Are others having trouble understanding you?

  • Do you talk too soft for others to hear you?

  • Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson's or another neurodegenerative disease?

  • Do you run out of breath when you are talking?

  • Have you suffered a head injury that has resulted in a loss of executive function?

  • Are you having trouble swallowing your food?

  • Are you a mouth breather?

  • Do you snore or have sleep apnea?

A diagnostic evaluation will determine if therapy is warranted.  If the answer is yes, we will work together to determine and implement the best course of therapy as well as delivery method to address your needs.


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