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Telepractice, sometimes called teletherapy, telemedicine, telehealth, is an online evaluation and therapy delivery model that allows me to work with you when we are in two different locations through the use of computers and web conferencing. The speech-language therapy is done through video conferencing so that we can see each other and talk in real time.

How It Works

  • We each need to have

    • A computer or ipad or cell phone that has a web cam

    • Internet access with consistent service and good band width/speed

    • Headphones and microphone 

  • I set up the phone consultation/assessment or therapy appointment for a web conference and send you the invite to join the meeting.  The invite goes to your email and gives you the time and the link so that you can log on.

  • The service used is  The communication between us is encrypted to protect your privacy and meet HIPAA requirements.

  • Teletherapy is available for those living in foreign countries as long as it complies with licensure/ guidelines of the host country or it is not regulated in the host country.

  • For those living in the USA, I must be licensed in the state where I provide the therapy as well as the state where the client resides.

Who Can Benefit From Teletherapy?

  • Those homebound due to COVID-19 restrictions

  • Children ages 3-5 with a helper, children who are 5 or older with or without a helper depending upon the child

  • Teenagers and adults

  • Anyone with schedules or logistics that make therapy in person difficult or impossible

  • Those living in foreign countries where U.S. SLP services are not available.  This would include International schools and expats living abroad. 

  • Research is showing significant benefits for this delivery model with speech, auditory/language processing, stuttering, LSVT® LOUD, iLs therapy

  • Teletherapy may be combined with home visits or office visits

  • Local clients while on vacation so they can continue their progress

  • Those housebound due to inclement weather

  • Clients who are doing an intense therapy schedule such as LSVT® LOUD (4 days a week for 4 weeks) or intense articulation therapy

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